Anne Frank, one of the most famous Jewish victims of Holocaust died in the  age of 15 in a concentration camp called Bergen-Belsen.

She was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfort am Main, Germany. She was born in to a wealthy home with loving parents. Four years later in 1933 after Hitler had gained enough power in Germany to mistreat Jews, the Frank family decided to move to Amsterdam. They thought they would be safe there.

Anne lived the life of a normal teenager with her ups and  downs, until all changed in May, 1940. Hitler had invaded the Netherlands too and Anne’s parents Otto and Edith Frank began to fear for their own and their children’s lives. They had to find a place to hide and they did. Otto Frank’s office building had extra room that no-one else except him and some of his trusted co-workers knew about. He decided to move there with his own family and with another family the van Pelses.

In the mean time, Anne was dreaming to become a movie star or a writer whose work would live even after her death. On her thirteenth birthday she got an diary from his father which she had desperately wished for and after that she began to write every detail of her life in that diary.

Not long after that the Frank’s and van Pelses moved to the attic. While they lived there Anne wrote about her life in the attic and what kind of life she would want after the war. Hiding last for two years and the Gestapo discovered them after getting a tip from an informer who was never identified.

All of them were sent to Auschwitz, where the women got separated from the men and put to work. Not long after that the women got separated too. Anne and her older sister Margot were sent to another concentration camp called Bergen-Belsen, where they both later on died of typhus.

The only one who survived from the camps and the hiders was Otto Frank, Anne’s father. Then one of his trusted employees gave him Anne’s diary, which she had picked up after their arrest.

The diary was published as a book in 1947. Since that time it has been translated to 50 different languages and is one of the most best-selling books in the world. Like Anne had wished for, her work would after her death.