Please answer one of the following questions. One sentence answers are not acceptable.

  1. How did Christianity come to Finland?
  2. Who were Bishop Henrik and Lalli?
  3. What was the Club War (also the Cudgel War) and who was Jaakko Ilkka?
  4. How, when and why did Finland become a part of the Russian empire?
  5. Who were General Governor Bobrikov and Eugen Schauman?
  6. The first parliamentary elections in Finland were held in 1907. Why did these elections have world-historical significance?
  7. What happened in Russia before the Finnish declaration of independence?
  8. What happened in the Finnish Civil War in 1918?
  9. What kind of a movement was the Lapuan Movement like and who was Vihtori Kosola?
  10. What happened in the Winter War (1939-1940)?
  11. What happened in the Continuation War (1941-1944)?