Study questions 2015

Please answer two of the following questions in your comment. Don’t forget to mention your sources and try to find some primary sources if you can!

  1. Read The National Party’s Color Policy (1948). How was apartheid justified? What do you think about the arguments?
  2. Read The Case for Apartheid (1953) and find out what this orator has in common with Hitler’s arguments. Compare and constrast.
  3. What do you think Stephen Biko’s philosophy was in the struggle against apartheid? Watch the interview (video) and read his biography.
  4. Read this article, “The Death of Stephen Biko,” and briefly summarize it. How did his death affect the nation and the struggle?
  5. Find out what the Freedom Charter refers to and justify which part of the charter you think is the most important.
  6. Read this article “Soweto Student Uprising” and briefly summarize it. What would you have done as a student in a similar situation?
  7. What was the Truth and Reconciliation Commission? Do you think it was the right solution after Apartheid, why/why not?
  8. Read about armed struggle against apartheid. Was violence really necessary in your opinion?
  9. What was life like as a white South African if you opposed the system? Study up on one of the following: Johnny Clegg, Andre Brink or Donald Woods.
  10. Briefly summarize Life as a Political Prisoner. Would you have survived decades in prison? Why / why not?
  11. Research international news. What is going on in South Africa today? Has the Truth and Reconciliation Commission succeeded? Are there any problems that reflect on history?

Please answer the following question in a comment (1-2 paragraphs).

How did the movie Cry Freedom make you feel and did you learn anything new about apartheid?